File Migration to Google Drive

Migrate files from local servers or cloud storage solutions.

Are you an organisation still utilising a local file server or an on premise Nas to store and access all your files? You are missing out big time on what cloud technology can offer! By utilising the cloud, your organisation can improve productivity and also reduce costs by moving to the cloud.

Regardless of the data volume, Bazcreative can plan, and execute your data migration to Google Drive  (or any other cloud storage system) on time and hassle free.

Our file migration services includes a custom tailored plan to move your organisation’s files from your current setup, whether they are stored locally on your computer, or they are stored in an office file server.

How Can Bazcreative Help?

We can migrate files from any on-premise server of storage device mapped to a computer to the cloud. We specialise in migrations to Google Drive & Dropbox.

  • NAS
  • Windows Server
  • Apple MacOS Servers
  • File Shares
  • Sharepoint 210, 2013
  • Any data mapped to a computer

Destination cloud environments we are experienced in include:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

Key Features of our Migration Service

File Permissions Remain Intact

We will migrate your files to Google Drive (or any other cloud storage solution), while preserving file permissions. We will automatically map file ownership, sharing and metadata to Google Drive.

In-depth Pre-Migration Planning

We ensure data integrity with pre-migration data mapping. We can analyse permissions based on file age, type, last modified, size, and owner.

File Migration With Real Time Reporting & Analytics

All file migrations are monitored with analytics, reporting and event logging.

No Interruption, Smooth Transition

You can continue to work on your current system until the file migration is over. At the end, any files remaining in your old system while you were working, will be sent to the new system to ensure you can keep working uninterrupted.

Migrate To Google Drive with Bazcreative

Don’t risk duplication of files or loss of data by manually migrating files to the cloud.  Talk to one of our experienced cloud consultants today. 

Ready to start your file migration?


Can You Migrate Google Drive To Another Account?

Yes, we can! If you have an existing Workspace account or you’re using gmail, we can move your files to a new central Workspace account. Book a discovery call today to find out how we can help your organisation with File Migration.

Can you transfer everything to Google Drive

You can upload all file types to Google Drive When you upload a file to Google Drive, it will take up space in your Drive, even if you upload to a folder owned by someone else. Let us know your concerns about file upload during our Discovery call.

Can you transfer everything from OneDrive to Google Drive?

Yes we can transfer your files and content from OneDrive to Google Drive.

This is a great decision because OneDrive has a ton of issues with reliability, user experience, amongst other issues. I personally experienced these issues while working as marketing specialist during my previous job.