Programmatic Advertising

Reach new audiences through a data driven advertising approach

Programmatic advertising is an audience based data driven advertising option which can aid in all three stages of the funnel.

Great content without a great placement can only get you so far. With an AI powered data driven media buying strategy accurately target the audience segments that are important for your business growth. This form of an AI assisted bidding cannot be manually achieved in real-time, allowing you to cut down on wastage and drive growth.

Programmatic advertising can complement your marketing campaigns on other channels – and this is where we can help you with a well planned strategy and implementation of the campaigns. 

Programmatic Media Strategy & Buying Includes

Competitor Research

In order to beat your competitors, we need to understand them. We deep dive on their strengths & weaknesses, and devise a unique strategy for you.

Programmatic Buying Strategy

Planning your programmatic buying partner, and negotiate a fixed Impression amount at a target CPM before

Bespoke Audience Selection

Expert recommendation on the audience segments for your campaigns. Future proofing your campaigns to enable cookieless targeting.

Audience Exclusions

Expert recommendation on audience exclusions so that we don’t hit your existing service or product buyers.

Conversion Tracking

We will set up a conversion tracking unique to your business and make it as fail safe as possible. We will also add micro signals which will enable us to come back on recommendations for the future campaigns.

Dynamic & Interactive Dashboard

We set up a bespoke dashboard for you to suit your needs. We will work with you to create a dashboard which will pull realtime metrics that you find important for your business.

Why partner with bazcreative?

We are a full service agency based in Melbourne. We are a Google Partner agency and have managed over $ 1.5 million in ad spend over the last calendar year (2022).

We can advice from website & landing page changes to media buying strategy to execution along with ongoing performance optimisations.

We are passionate about what we do & we are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses.

Ready to tap into an AI powered data Driven audience?